Hiļ¼Œthanks for visiting my website. My name is Tianqing and I am a professional photographer based in Ireland. My focuses on photography are wedding photos, portraits such as family photos, maternity and babies shots, etc.

Due to the influences of the family environment, ever since childhood I was immersed in an atmosphere of art. The experiences of learning drawings when I was at a very young age gave me firm basis of photography, and finally paved my way to it. My enthusiasm in aesthetics and my unique observation habits made me decide to choose photography to be my future career, and then kept me working in this industry for a number of years. I always regard human languages to be so mediocre, that a great many delicate beauties could quickly fly away without being expressed by words. It could be said that a good photo worths over thousands of words, whereas a lot of important moments are in need of preservation by photos, such as romantic wedding scenes, divine pregnancy photos and warm family photos.

I do not want to use too many words to describe this industry, because there are no words that can fully express my respect to it. I only want to use my skills and experience in photography to help every client that trusted and chose me, to capture every living moment with great passion, so that every photo, years after it was taken, shall be viewed again, could perfectly re-enacting precious moments before.