What is the best time for a portrait or landscape photoshoot in Ireland?


Ireland’s beautiful landscapes, enchanting castles, and rich cultural heritage make it a dream destination for portrait photographers seeking unique and emotive shots. What will be the best time for a portrait photoshoot or landscape photoshoot in Ireland?

When it comes to choosing the perfect time for a portrait or landscape photo shoot, one crucial factor stands above all others – light. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now work with all available light to create stunning portraits or landscapes, even in very dim conditions. However, there are certain types of natural light that are more flattering than others. Let’s take a closer look!

The Softness of Overcast Days:

In Ireland, we often experience overcast days, which means the countryside is bathed in a gentle, diffuse light. Some amateur photographers might think these days aren’t ideal for portrait photography, but they actually provide a wonderful opportunity to capture timeless and intimate portraits.

The cloud cover acts like a natural diffuser, creating soft and even lighting that beautifully enhances the subject’s appearance. With no harsh shadows, facial features look more delicate and gentler, giving the portraits a tender and emotional touch. Another advantage is that overcast days reduce the chances of subjects squinting in bright light, resulting in more relaxed and natural expressions.

When it comes to landscape photography, I would avoid choosing an overcast day. Such conditions tend to result in less contrast in colors, and the sky may become overexposed, leading to lost details in the image.

The “Happy Hour”:

The Golden Hour, that magical time shortly after sunrise and before sunset, takes on its own unique charm in Ireland. With its stunning landscapes and rolling hills, the country transforms into an ethereal canvas during this time. As the sun hovers closer to the horizon, its rays must traverse through a thicker layer of the atmosphere, resulting in a soft and warm glow.

This is a fantastic time for both portrait and landscape photography. My favorite time for a photo shoot is one or two hours before sunset, which I fondly call the “happy hour.” I always check the weather forecast to decide the best time to meet my portrait clients. If we are lucky to get the perfect lighting for the sunset, I am over the moon!

The drama in Stormy Skies:

The ever-changing weather in Ireland can sometimes surprise photographers with sudden storms and dramatic cloud formations. While such conditions may seem challenging, they present an excellent opportunity for capturing evocative and emotionally charged portraits. As dark clouds loom overhead and rain sweeps across the landscape, a powerful mood is set. Photographers can use the contrasting elements of the stormy weather and the human subjects to create captivating and dramatic shots.

In my opinion, the weather in Ireland is not just a condition to overcome but an integral part of the portrait photography experience. I love natural light, and I believe sunlight is the most beautiful light we can find on the planet, much more natural and flattering than artificial light, and it is free! Once you understand the Characteristics of the light, you are able to work with different kinds of light, and each type can create a different mood, and tell a unique story.